Anti-Displacement Policy Toolkit

 Policy Tools for #DevelopmentWithoutDisplacement 


In New York City, large-scale neighborhood rezonings have become central to the City’s housing, land use, and economic development strategy. Former Mayor Bloomberg rezoned an unprecedented 40 percent of the city and current Mayor de Blasio promised that the city will target 15 neighborhoods for rezoning, several of which have already been completed.

Throughout these processes, community-based organizations, policy leaders, and elected officials have consistently raised the need for additional anti-displacement policy options that can be utilized during the planning process. This is especially true for New York City’s low-wealth and low-income communities, immigrants, communities of color, and other vulnerable populations who are most at risk of displacement.

This Anti-Displacement Policy Toolkit was created in order to provide all those doing planning and housing work in NYC with a more comprehensive understanding of what policies could be employed in order to combat residential displacement. We hope this toolkit will help build the capacity of all those engaged in NYC’s planning process with tools we can employ as part of our collective work to end displacement.


The Anti-Displacement Policy Toolkit provides a focused collection of major policies and policy ideas that can help prevent residential housing displacement.

The Toolkit helps organizers, community leaders, policy makers, City agency staff and elected officials identify new policy solutions that could be useful for specific neighborhoods or citywide to protect against displacement.

Use filter dropdown to select anti-displacement policies that are most relevant for your housing criteria. 

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This project was made possible through the support of the Neighborhoods First Fund, who had the vision to help better equip NYC communities with the research, analysis, and tools necessary to tackle displacement in their neighborhoods and citywide.

The Neighborhoods First Fund is a philanthropic collaborative formed in 2015 to support the engagement of New York City’s low-wealth, low-income communities in the planning processes that shape their future–particularly the rezonings through which the de Blasio administration will implement its ambitious affordable housing plan.   

We applaud and thank The Neighborhoods First Fund for their leadership and support for this project and their on-going commitment to ensuring community engagement in the planning process.






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